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Ibiza – Popular Destinations

Ibiza Ibiza is a stunningly beautiful Island located the Mediterranean. The island is a Spanish territory, and was settled in 654 BC. Since its founding it has been known for its beautiful beaches and warm Mediterranean climate.The island is a popular destination for tourists looking to experience electronic music combined with amazing nightlife, natural beauty, and historic centres. Nightlife Ibiza’s nightlife is centred in two places: Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni. When visitors go clubbing in Ibiza, the influential role electronic music has played throughout the years can be heard. Many famous DJ’s stop at the island on tours, and some even perform on a weekly basis at clubs. The most renowned nightclubs in Ibiza include Amnesia, Privilege and Ushuaia. Amnesia is one of the original clubs on the island that has been open since the 80’s. Privilege is known for being the world’s largest nightclub and Ushuaia is renowned for its weekly star studded cast including David Guetta. Things to do When visiting Ibiza, sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the crystal clear Mediterranean are essential activities. The top beaches on the island include Cala d’Hort, Aigues Blanques and Cala Jondal. Cala d’Hort is part of a protected national park, and is an ideal place to enjoy the islands natural preserved beauty. Aigues Blanques is a nudist beach, so visit here if you would like to gain no tan lines while swimming in the turquoise water! Cala Jondal is where the rich and famous visitors to the island spend their vacation. Ibiza has a plethora of beaches, all with notable highlights, ideal for any type of traveller.... read more